Onlycompanyin world manufacturing fire resistant mobile compactor
FIRE RESISTANT COMPACTORSWith the current incidents of fire at commercial buildings all across India, it has become utmost important to store all important documents in Fire Resistant products. Office Floor space is the most precious and scarce commodity in the metros and big cities and this compounds the problems of vast and valuable documents’ safe storage from hazards such as fire, dust as well organised retrievable storage. Guardwel Fire Resistant Mobile storage systems is an effective answer to all these issues which
improve the usability of the available space to the optimum level offering safe and organised storage.
Guardwel offers a unique solution to secure your documents in a zone free of fire hazards, using the best in class Fire Resistant
Record Protection cabinet (FRRC).A modified FRRC system to further maximize space utilization, installed in a back to back construction on a rail mounted movement system, safeguards your valuable record from the perils of the fire and eases the accessibility too.The sturdy mechanically assisted mobile system withstands heavy usage and handling as also offers the ease of operation.
We can customise our fire resistant compactor designs to suit the space available with you.

The Products

Our FRRC is BIS licensed for 120 minutes rating with best fire endurance and fire and impact resistance at above 1000 degrees
Celsius temperature.The DFCB is manufactured as per IS standard for FRRC but suitably modified to take care of your specific
storage requirements.

The capacity of each individual FRRC is 32 Box Files of 80mm Wide x 340mm Height x 280mm Depth.This means each DFCB
consisting of 2 FRRC can accommodate 64 Box Files and one Trolley system having 2 DFCB = (2 x 2) 4FRRCs can house 128 Box