Fire resistant
Fire Resistant Fire Resisting Filing Cabinet
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Double wall construction with a specially developedfire resisting seamless barrier in between, which is less likely to dust, flake or break on curing.
Tongue and groove construction eliminates even minute gaps between closed drawer and body frame and prevent passage of hot gases and flames in to the drawer.
Optimized shet metal thickness minimizes transfer of heat. Each drawer is housed in separate fire resisting compartment eliminating inter drawer heat transfer.
Reinforced at vital places to withstand impact.
If engulfed by fire, Automatically seals the gap between drawer and body.
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  • Full effortless and smooth rolling out of drawers. A mere push enough to close and securea drawer automatically.
  • Six lever dual control key lock on the top drawer to control locking on all drawer.
  • Individual drawer latches, to allow the users to leave one or more drawers unlocked with the plunger in the locked position.
  • Locks designed and manufactured in-house. In house facility ensures defect free locking system to customers.

Styling and Finish
Guardwel fire resisting filing cabinets are provided with attractivly moulded recessed drawer handles combined with latched trigger and label holder. The entire cabinet is cleaned with anti rust solutions primed and painted with anti rust paint.

  • Locking : Individual locks for each drawer, underwriters laboratories INC (USA) rated mechanical or electronic combination locks.
  • Design modification : Drawer fitted within drawer suitable for storage of post dated cheques or specimen signature card. Shorter depths of 24” to optimize space utilization.
  • Finish : Colour of your choice in enamel or duco paint finishes, at an extra cost.
Technical Specification

External Dimentions in mm
Type Hight Width Depth Net Weight(Kg)
4 Drawer 1572 541 806 355
3 Drawer 1210 541 806 310
2 Drawer 845 541 806 205
1 Drawer 483 541 806 115
Clear inside dim. of drawer 289 385 641  
valume per drawer : 0.072 m3 (2.54 ft3)
Conversion : 25.4mm = 1 Inch, 1Kg = 2.2 Lbs, 1mtr3 = 35.3ft3 = 1000 ltrs