lumigan price Strongroom Door – Standard (C Class)Door Construction- Doors are made of tough steel plates, armor plates and special oxyacetylene flame resisting and fire and hammer resisting barrier material. This combination of different layers makes penetration of the door difficult even with multiple modes of attacks.

nolvadex price in india Door Slab sort Standard

  • 73mm thick door slab comprising of total of 18mm thick tough tested M.S. Plates, drill resisting armour plates and torch and arch resisting special alloy plates.
  • Reinforced by fire and hammer resisting hammer.
  • Total thickness over lock area is 78mm.

train duolin price Door frame

  • Fabricated using 100×100×10mm rolled angles for standard and 150×150×10mm for premium doors.
  • Vestibual plates are strengthened by providing solid rebate bars rivated on it.
  • Verticle sides of the frame are provided with 3nos. wall holds fast angles on each side.
  • B class Doors: Frames are fitted with provision for electrical supply as standard.
  • B class doors: A continuous packing on the door frame and a compression mechanism, protects the vault from admission of flood waters or liquid explosives.

sort ciplox eye drops price Boltwork

  • The door has 12 sliding bolts (6 on either sides) of 38mm (1½” each)
  • Sliding bolts slide behind box formed rebate bar on the door frame, through holes in lock casr angle.
  • A double lever mechanism, connected through a handle ensures smooth operation of bolts.

Locking Mechanism

  • Doors are provided with 2 nos. highly secured dual control key locks, designed and manufactured in-house with S.S. keys in duplicate that guarantee full confidentiality & security.
  • Automatic relocking devise – In case of attempt to dislocate the lock, by pounding or drilling, this feature comes in to action and automatically locks the door for good.

Grill Gate

  • Made of steel flats C channel and 19 mm dia. M.S. round bars provided with dual control key locks that can be operated from inside and outside. This sturdy door provides further security, when the main door is open.


  • All the components are thorougly cleaned with chemicals and give anti rust coating before applying 3 coats of decorative paint for hard and long lasting finish.Appropriate packing ensures the protection of finish during transmit and installation.


  • Doors are manufactured for a standard wall thickness of 280mm with standard overall dimensions. However we can redesign them to suit any customer specific requirments.
  • User specified biometric locks, time lock, Time delay locks or provision for fitting them, can be availed at an extra cost.

Technical Specifications

Specification Ref. SRD Standard
Over door frame A 1210×2132
Clear opening, Door open to 180° B 910×1990
Clear opening, Door open to 90° C 787×1990
Wall opening D 1091×2073
Projection of door open at 180° E 236
Projection of door open at 90° F 1090
Over all width of door and frame when door is oppen at 180° G 2200
Min overall width of door & frame to give max clear opening H 1785
Over vestibule Plate I 1016×2006
Projection of grill gate open at 180° J 85
Protection of grill gate open at 90° K 1006
Overall width of grill gate and frame when gate is open at 180° L 1995
Centre line of door opening at the edge of the frame M 605
Shiping data    
External size after packing Height 2219
  Width 1554
  depth 555
  Net Wt. 875
  Weight 3%